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What makes Door County Housing Partnership houses different?​

When you buy a DCHP house, you purchase the building and sign a 99-year lease to the land. The lease provides you with the security you need, and it provides DCHP with some guarantees that you will help perpetuate the mission:

Did you Know?

Every DCHP house comes with an affordable price and help with financing

Have you thought you could never afford to own a home in Door County? Or that you’d never find one in your price range? Door County Housing Partnership offers a path to homeownership for residents who are priced out of the real estate market. When you partner with DCHP to buy your DCHP house, you get the Door County home you are looking for, plus…

A Price You Can Afford

This means an affordable monthly payment. DCHP combines public grants and private donations to reduce the price of a DCHP house below market prices. DCHP homeowners can expect to pay the same or less to own their homes than they paid for rent.

Safe Loans and Help Getting Financing

DCHP staff will work with you to help you find financing that is both affordable and safe.

Ongoing Support If You Need It

A DCHP staff member will be available and accessible to you, even after you have moved in. DCHP provides access to housing counseling, budgeting and financial management counseling, and default counseling to all applicants and homeowners.

The Opportunity to Build Equity

DCHP homes appreciate modestly according to a resale formula. The formula allows you to earn a reasonable amount of money on your house when you decide to sell, and it keeps the price affordable so another family can buy the same home at an affordable price in the future when you decide to sell. The resale formula enables you to extend to the next buyer the same opportunity you received.

Are you eligible?

To be eligible you must be...


Income Eligible

Most OPAL houses must be sold to buyers who have a gross household income that is less than 80% of Area Median Income (AMI) for San Juan County. A limited number of OPAL houses are available to people earning more than this, but who still cannot afford to buy a market-rate home. If you are self-employed, qualifying income is calculated after deducting any business-related expenses (the bottom of Schedule C on your tax return). Currently 80% of Area Median Income (AMI) is:


A Door County Resident

A Door County resident. You must be a resident and you must have lived in Door Count County for at least one year. In order to qualify for a mortgage, you will need to demonstrate that you can earn a living here. working at the health center


Asset Eligible

At the time you purchase your DCHP home, personal assets may not exceed 70% of Area Median Income (see table above), plus the cost of your OPAL home.


able to qualify for an approved mortage

You need to be able to qualify for an approved mortgage to purchase your home, or have adequate assets to purchase it outright. This includes:

  • Adequate income – You must be able to document adequate, steady income so that your house payment does not exceed approximately one-third of your gross monthly income.
  • Adequate credit – Generally you will be able to get a loan to purchase your home if your credit score is at least 640. If your credit score is lower than 640 or you do not have a score, it is still possible to purchase a home if you can document at least forms of non-reported credit, such as utility bills, landlord references, etc.
  • Minimum debt – Your total debt payments, including your future house payment, may not exceed 41% to 44% of your gross monthly income, depending on your mortgage. DCHP can help you calculate this. Generally speaking, monthly debt obligations of more than $200 to $250 per month, in addition to your house payment, make it difficult to qualify.

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